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Fight Song

The Fight Song  /  November 22, 2008  /  Pullman, WA


Fight, fight, fight for Washington State!

Win the victory,

Win the day for Crimson and Gray!

Best in the West

We know you’ll all do your best,

So on, on, on, on!

Fight to the end!

Honor and glory you must win!

So fight, fight, fight for Washington State and Victory!

–   –Washington State University Fight Song.

First performed in 1919



Leah Rosenkranz, 19 Mellophone player (prior to the start of the Apple Cup between rivals the Washington State University Cougars and the University of Washington Huskies).

We are in the tunnel of Martin Stadium in Pullman Washington at WSU.  We’re getting ready.  We gotta get out there and play.  We start by sprinting out of the tunnel to our spots.  And then we march into the WSU.  We normally spell Cougs and USA, and play the fight song a couple of times. …  Our purpose is to get the crowd really pumped up and going and keep morale up which sometimes it takes a lot with this team. But we can help a lot sometimes so it’s always good. Right now the UW band is on so a lot of us have friends in there but we’re rooting for the Cougars.


Evan Burns, 19, Tuba player

The main point is we entertain. That is all we do.   We got out there we make the crowd dance yell and cheer. And we just love coming out there and getting fired up.


The history of cheerleading at Washington State University dates back to the 1910′s when an all male “Rooter Team” cheered on the school then known as Washington State Agricultural College. During the period of war in the 1930′s and 40′s, the all men’s Rooter Team was replaced with female cheerleaders. The face of this sport changed nationwide during this time period as female athletes introduced gymnastics and acrobatics into cheerleading.

Currently, the WSU cheer squad is made up of approximately 12 female and 12 male cheerleaders.

– excerpted from the WSU website.


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