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Poodles for Pride

Can poodles really be gay? In an off-the-paw survey in the Poodles for Pride group at Seattle’s Gay Pride parade, over half of them have girlfriends or boyfriends. Some are fond of the same sex, others prefer the opposite. Some are dating poodles of a different color and others are crossing breeds. Perhaps poodles are just promiscuous. One thing’s for certain, poodles have an image to uphold. In their pomp and funny hairdo’s, they are different than other dogs- sometimes judged critically and ostracized from the “real” dogs at the park. It’s OK though. According to they’re parents, they’re Proud to be Poodles.

Seattle author Bruce Bahemihl, Ph.D., writes in his book Biological Exhuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. “The world is, indeed, teeming with homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered creatures of every stripe and feather. From the Southeastern Blueberry Bee of the United States to more than 130 different bird species worldwide, the birds and the bees ‘literally, are queer’.”



Maxine Weyant, 50 and her poodle Bennie, 2
“Bennie kind of has the biker dude outfit. He’s neutered and he’s got two brothers at home who are also neutered, but that doesn’t mean he won’t hump things. But he doesn’t have any girlfriends or boyfriends, just lots of buddies.”


Kathy Cain, 53
Bennie’s getting more conservative because last year he went naked and now he’s got leathers.”


Gail Ferrari, 51 and her poodle Willie, 1 year
(Willie) has a boyfriend named Rusty. They’re starting to have regular playdates and their very competitive with each other….Willie chose the colors (of my skirt) and he’s very fond of white poodles. He’s just out here representing diversity in dogs and people and colors, whatever. He’s very open.


Jenepher White, 47 and her poodle Madeline, 3
She’s here to support her Moms and show that even poodles have pride. (She’s a) toy poodle. She feels great to stand out in the crowd. You know all these big poodles…you guys are fine, but me? I’m the only one like me!”


Cat Ritinger, and her poodle Vita Pepita
They’re very proud poodles and they want to speak for gay pride and proud to be alive. Her girlfriend is home, Tin Tin. She couldn’t come because she just had babies. She was artificially inseminated. But they’re very much in love.”


That (“poodle”) stigma is so not them. Particularly the standards….are noble dogs, are hunting dogs, loyal dogs. The funny thing is they’re considered the antithesis of macho but actually they’re very macho if that’s what you want them to be. I know some macho men that are now poodle men. And they’re straight!”


Eric DuBois, 55 and Jim Green, 44 and their poodle Luc, 2.
He’s got two Dads and he’s never known anything different, so he doesn’t see (anything) unusual about this. He’s only two years old so we’re a little limited about what we’re talking to him about yet but we’ll get there as he grows older.


He already dates. He has a girlfriend, Poo Bear. She’s an apricot poodle. Oh, absolutely (we’re supportive). We’re color blind pretty much. Apricot’s wonderful.”

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