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Animal Shelter

According to city ordinance No. 5. approved December 23, 1869, “… no dog or bitch shall be permitted to run at large within the limits of the City of Seattle.  If so found running at large, it shall be the duty of the City Marshal to impound each and every such dog or bitch in common pound…”  Back then it cost a dollar in pound fees, 50 cents a day for every day your dog was there, as well as a fine of $3.  In addition it states, “No slut shall be allowed to run at large while in heat, under a penalty of five dollars for each offense.”



Jean Peters, 35

I own Wags 2 Whiskers in Belltown. We do overnight boarding here.  It’s a kennel free environment. They sleep out with myself or one of my employees on a futon in the living room area.  We like to watch TV until they go to sleep.  We try to make it as homelike and as much like their house as is possible so that they feel more comfortable and secure in the environment being away from their folks when their parents travel on vacation.  …  I think a lot of them do better having a human being nearby with them.


I get a tremendous amount of love from these dogs and its extremely rewarding.  I can’t even describe it.  I enjoy seeing these guys light up everyday…. And just the fact that they like to cuddle up with you at night and the warmth of having you nearby.  I think they really appreciate that too.  They sleep really soundly.


They’re pack animals.  They don’t want to be alone.  That’s not in their nature.


I let my dogs on the bed…. Some people say that it breaks down the pack, that you’re not the pack leader if your dog’s sleeping on your bed.  That you don’t have as much say over your dog in their behavior and what they do.  But I think you also choose.  I let my dog’s up but they know to wait until I put the blanket on the bed.  And so there’s definitely some rules around it too.  It’s a privilege.


These guys learn from each other and if you isolate a dog too much, they don’t learn kind of what the rules are and how to interact with other dogs.  And I think that’s a big mistake people sometimes make with dogs.

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