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The Blowers


Hours after fans streamed out of Qwest Field after the NFC championship game around 200 employees of Aramark Facilities worked throughout the night to clean up the mess.  In addition to picking up garbage and power rinsing beer and mustard stains over 1.6 million square feet of space, about 30 people armed with gasoline powered blowers rounded up 350 pounds of confetti which had been fired onto the field during celebrations.  It is expected to take 3 days to clean the field.



Lenoard Carter, 59.   Right now we are blowing down the field and getting the confetti off. After they pickup, we’re going up into the stands and blow it down.  Then they’re going to have some power washers come through and clean it up the day after. Its fun to me.  (The shift) might be ten, maybe 12 hours.  I’m from Jacksonville, FL.  I can’t stand the Seahawks.  But I love the city.  I love ya all.


Fredrick Beasley, 27.  Colts are my team.  I can’t be mad.  At least I get to watch sports. You know, that’s the best thing about it.


Andre Johnson, 39. This is my first time on the field.  This is great.  Being on a pro football field in the stadium.  I’m not originally from here so all the hoopla is pretty exciting I think.  Of course I would have liked to have gone to the game but how many people get to do this.  This is a once in a lifetime (opportunity) too.


Frederick Blair, 43. My favorite team is the Giants, but Seattle deserves it.


Nathan Snyder, 25.  I just moved here from Pennsylvania about 2 weeks ago.  I am a Steelers fan.  It’s cool.  I like the Seahawks too.  Its pretty cool that the last 2 cities I’ve lived in are going to the Superbowl against each other…. Steelers probably have the biggest following around the country. You can instantly talk to anyone whose a Steelers fan.  They’re pretty cool fans.  I’m fans of both.  I’m rooting for the Steelers in the Superbowl and I think they’re gonna take it.  But I like the Seahawks too so I’ll be a little sad for the Seahawks.


Jurgen Unger, 29.  It’s very fun.  It’s easy.  You meet a lot of good people. I’ve done it a number of times.  Every time you get a big game like this one, especially towards the end of the season, you get more mess to clean up.  But it’s easy enough.

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