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Seahawk’s fan Wedding

Though the National Football League began in 1920, the Seahawks didn’t join the NFL until 1976 under the ownership of John Nordstrom, a Seattle department store owner.


Today, season ticket holders, numbering 47,000, fill over 70% of Qwest field seats.  (Total capacity is 67,000).. Currently the Seahawks are taking as many season ticket deposits per day as they normally do per week in July, the peak ticket sales season. 7,000 new season ticket deposits have already been taken for next season.


On January 14, 2006, the Seahawks will host a playoff game. The Seahawks have hosted four playoff games in their history though they have played in ten.  They have never played in the Super Bowl.




Sharon Bullion, 53, Puyallup,WA.  (Grooms Mother)

They are just crazy.  They are big sports’ freaks.  They will do anything. …..My favorite time of all was when I gave him his own TV so there would never be sports on mine again.


Loren Stayboldt, 63, Sammaish,  (Bride’s father)

They’re both fun loving people and we’re a fun loving family.  This probably could be one of the most unusual, tacky weddings you’ve ever seen, but it will fun!  It will be great.


Jill Stayboldt, 27, Puyallup, WA & Todd Bullion, 29, Puyallup, WA. (Bride and Groom)

We first met in talking about football and so after we got engaged… we wanted to incorporate football into our wedding.  It took off from there.  And Seahawks are our favorite team.

We made it a plan not to get married on a football game day.

Non-traditionally, instead of flowers girls and ringbearers we have cheerleaders and ballboys.  Our ushers are referees in referee attire.  Our pastor is a former football player.  We’ve got the goalpost.  We’ve got entrance music.  We have Seahawks colors, both two tone blues are our colors.  Everything’s Seahawks incorporated.

We’re encouraging evervbody just to let loose and pretend you’re at a game.  We’ve got everything from foam fingers to pompoms and megaphones for the audience. It’ll be neat.


Keegan Griffin, 7, Puyallup, WA (boy in center of photo)

The ringbearer brings the rings down but that’s not what I do because they wanted us to have a football but they couldn’t find out any way to get rings onto the football.  I just ended up walking out and going over there.  I just wait until its over.  ….5 minutes.  I have no idea.  Can’t tell time.  I was usually thinking about going to the bathroom. Seriously, after they did the ending I just ran off trying to find it.

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