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Praying for Prices

No matter what religion you follow, praying for a drop in gasoline prices this year can’t hurt. According to the consumer price index the highest average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in the Seattle Tacoma Bremerton area was $2.876 in September 2005. This is the highest price paid since the CPI started tracking prices in 1978.

In this area we saw a 43.2 increase from Sept. 2004 – September 2005. Typically gasoline price rises at an average annual rate of 5.2 percent according to the Energy Information Agency.

Dan Kestle, 43
General manager of the 76 Mr Kleen car wash, a service center at 196th and Alderwood Mall parkway.

The Nativity Scene? That’s what we believe is the true meaning of Christmas. We have all these mall shoppers going by. And I think we get so caught up in the commercialism of it we wanted to make a point that Christmas is about Jesus Christ.

I’ve never heard one negative comment yet in ten years. A lot of people say “Well you’re really gutsy to do that. And I say “Gutsy? That’s what I grew up with, you know is a manger scene and a nativity scene. Its not gutsy to us. Its Christmas.

I think that people are too politically correct and they want to involve everybody but I think everybody has their own time. They try to throw them into one holiday and call it Happy Holidays but that’s not what Christmas is to us. I think some think well you’re excluding this denomination or this denomination and we’re not trying to do that. We’re just doing what we believe and that’s what Christmas is.

As a dealer we don’t know whats (gas prices) coming down the pike so to speak. But I know they are dropping. We’ve been getting 2 cent decreases about every other day. Two or three cents.

Its real funny when people complain about the gas price they don’t really understand the state of Washington is collecting, between the state and the Feds, 46 cents for every gallon. Nobody complains about the state making too much money or the federal making too much money off the gas. They always seem like ‘look at the dealer. The dealer is gouging’. Well the dealer is hardly ever.

(The oil companies sudden drop in prices after the price investigation) is kind of curious isn’t it? Of course we have no facts. I’ve always thought that there’s something going on with the big oil companies.

Its kind of a cloudy area and its hard to say if anyone’s doing anything deceitful or not fair. But every state in this union is making money off of gasoline.

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