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Diaster Drill


In the predawn hours before an emergency disaster was to be played out on board a ferry in Elliott Bay, marine terrorism response “victims”, or actors, discuss their make up jobs and injuries outside the moulage tent on Colman Dock. The practice drill, sponsored with a $2 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security, acted out a situation in which a speedboat rammed into the rear of a ferryboat causing explosions and death. The purpose of the mock attack was to coordinate the many local,state, and federal agencies for a practice drill in case of a real emergency.


Atmosphere Casting from Seattle hired 100 actors to play “victims” for the ferry disaster drill at $8/hr. Michael Christ, an independent lead make up artist, hired by Film Arc, LTD says they went through 50 people in 2 hours by 6 make up artists.



Erik Lagrace, 33, Duvall Abdominal injury, no pulse, deep shock, in photo above

“I’m fairly cold. My shirts ripped. …All our make up has been trumped by the massive head wound guy. We were all really proud of the blood and makeup we had until he came out here just devastated. It’s been a really pleasant morning. Its been fun to compare the make up that’s been applied and the injuries … I don’t (fear a terrorist attack). I suppose it could happen. I’m going about my daily living.”


Mark Isaac, 44, Federal Way Abdominal injury after something flew into his stomach
“A bunch of pretty women called me disgusting”


Heidi Ferguson, 29, Everett Facial injury
“I just want to see something blow up”


William Ferguson, 30, Everett 2 broken legs and broken ribs, severe injuries to chest
“You might be dead but you’ve got good hair, Nick. I am agitated and injured here today…. Worry about it (terrorist attack) a little bit from time to time but I think Seattle’s got a lot of things under control going on better than a lot of other cities. I feel safe living here.”


Kelly Boganwright, 27, Seattle Bruised face
“Extras are always the ones that get to freeze outside. The stars get in the trailers.”


Michelle Robbins, 29 Bilateral broken legs, pretending its Monday morning
“I broke my legs. I’m not coming in to work today.”


Tina Galloway, 37, West Seattle Burns to face injury, also pretending its Monday morning
“Yeah, I feel sick.”


Nick Boganwright, 33, Seattle Multiple head and chest injuries
“No I don’t believe Seattle to be a strategic place to hit. The west coast tends to be a little less political than say Washington.”


Tim Forehand, 38, Auburn Multiple internal injuries, no pulse, lethargic
“Everybody’s in good spirits I think.”


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