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Hat N Boots Wedding



”HAT N BOOTS WEDDING: Built in 1955 the Hat ‘n’ Boots Tex Gas Station was located near where they now stand as alter to a young couple’s wedding.  Says wedding guest Leroy Gibson, 62, “This was Seattle when it was at its best because people were people and they cared about one another . There was no violence like it is today.”


Dan Kohrmann, 31

“We’re very excited to get married in front of the Hat N’ Boots, a Georgetown Landmark. The planning has actually gone really well. The parks department was very helpful. We were a little worried because they actually didn’t even have the park in their computer yet. So they had to add it in the computer just so we could fill out our wedding permit.

Bride Robin Tomazic, 32

“We love Georgetown and we love being in the neighborhood and this just the most beautiful day we could possibly have. Everything has just been gorgeous all day. And I’m excited. The flowers are from Georgetown, the everything is from Georgetown and we just came from our house and we’re going up to the eagles club. Its very exciting.”


Leroy Gibson, 62,

I’ve lived in Georgetown a number of years. I started out living in Georgetown. With Robin and Dan they’re one of a kind, you know to be landlords, property owners, and have tenants, When I moved here in 1962 those hats n boots were down there on Marginal. There was a restaurant down there. Then there had been a big struggle all through the years. Finally they got them over here. And I looked up and I saw them here and said finally. You got some investor stuff going on here in our neighborhood. We got the hat n boots over here. Very good restaurant. It was right on Marginal Way. This was Seattle when it was at its best. You know those were the days. Those were the good ole days. Because people were people and they cared about one another . there was no violence like it is today where you had to worry about someone running up on you and putting a gun to your head, breaking into your home and stuff like that. I mean granted there was some crimes going on but not like there has been in the last 30-35 years. From Cincinnati, OH, hit ft Lewis in ’61, decided to stay when I got out in ’62.   You don’t find that many people that is that creative.

This was very creative for them to do this. And it also gave people in the neighborhood in Georgetown where we live a chance to see something like this go on in our neighborhood. And I think this was a beautiful thing for them to do.


Steve Herman, 40 years young,

Seattle it’s a very novel idea and very convenient sincve they live about a hundred yards down the street and the reception’s about a hundred yards down that way so its very smart. We were mentioning a thousand years from now they’re gonna wonder why this concrete’s here and it will be covered with graffiti. Kind of like the Planet of the Apes” when no one will really know.

I’m an old time Seattle guy and I miss old time Seattle a bit. A simpler time. Before people like these people (points to Dan and Robin) moved in and ruined it all and drove up the housing prices – that’s what I’m really talking about. I’m sorry to do this on your wedding day but it really needed to be said.


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