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The Bus Stop

An Extraordinary Time. Photo: The Bus Stop.  © Karen Ducey / Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Bus Stop | June 8, 2005 | 3rd & Union Ave.


Seattle’s public transportation first began with horse-drawn street cars in 1884.  Electric streetcars appearsed in 1889, and by the 1890’s, the city had 22 separate streetcar lines operated by private owners.  Today, Seattle and King County are served by more than 1,300 buses, and about 300,000 bus boardings occur each weekday.  Many Metro buses still follow routes established by those early streetcar and interurban lines.


Nate Sullivan, 31, Seattle.   “Today was great. Cuz I like my job.

My day was great cuz I have a good job.  I work right over there in that building over there. I’m an IT and I’ve got a cool job.  Network administrator.

There’s really not… There’s like the business professionals that ride the bus, there’s the people that ride the bus only in the free zone because they can’t afford to ride anywhere else..  I have to ride the bus because I don’t want to pay for parking.

Curtis Calder, age 33, Seattle   It was good.  An alright day at work.  Nothing too stressful.  I work down at Pike Place market I manage a store down there.  I love it.

Because I don’t want to have a car in Seattle.  I don’t need one.  I live close enough to work and the bus is just fine.  Its about 10 minutes. I think it’s a much less stressful alternative  than to actual driving.  What I think of the people riding the bus with me is that we’re all in the same boat.  Just like neither of us want to compete with traffic.  You can get on the bus, sit down, relax, read, (get into your day or like on the way home) sort of like let work go and get ready for your home stuff.  I read.  I’m always reading on the bus.

Katie McGowan, age 24, Wallingford   I had a great day today.  I’m leaving work today.. I took the LSAT yesterday so I’m no longer under stress.  I spent 3 months studying for it.  I’m just glad its over.  I’m a law librarian.

Kitty Wong, age 44, Queen Anne     My day was fantastic. Because I work at a great company with a great group of people.  I work as an interior designer for a large architectural firm.  … We can be very proud of the projects that we work on.  I’m commuting by bus, the #2 Express, the friendliest bus driver and very good prompt service….  I’m taking the bus because its convenient, it puts me in some of a schedule, and I can just sit on the back of the bus, read my book and not worry about driving home. I meet my friend Rebecca on the bus spontaneously.  We also met on the bus stop so that was very nice.

Catherine Pottinger, age 72, Central Area   I had a very good day.  I’m going to a meeting.  Coalition of Labor Union Women meeting.  I get to see my friends, old friends. I’m taking the bus from my home down to downtown and then I’ll take the bus to the Labor Temple.  I enjoy the other people who ride the bus with me.  Its nice to have other people around.  They’re friendly.  I take the bus everyday to get out.

David Rice, age 48, downtown Seattle  I live here in Seattle.  As you can see I’m disabled.  I should have got out more than…  It was a good day.  I got out and did a little shopping.  Everyone was all kind and considerate.  Even young teenagers they move away because they see me with a cane and see disabled. And they move out.

I’m glad you asked that question because I was just telling a friend of mine the other day… Attitude.  That’s what I find alot of on this bus is attitudes.  You know especially with these teenagers and they got to hollering and screaming and they’re the ones that tend to be seen.  It all boils down to attitude and I think that’s the one thing I noticed on the bus.

I’m disabled for over 14 years and I don’t know how to drive.  This one guy, he and his wife like to sit around and people watch.  People watch.  And I’m like “I think I’ll go people watch (laugh) And I get on the bus and drive around and like right now that you mention it I’m kinda people watching but I’m gonna go get some scratch off tickets.

And its gets me out of the house because I live in a studio.  It’s a good experience on a day like today.  It was dry.  I wish I knew how many buses there were in town.  I’d like to say that we need more buses but if there was more buses then it (the streets) would get clogged up and all that.  Not a good idea.

Darryl Dashilla, age 18, Auburn  My day was pretty good.  I played a really good game that I like.  It was a video game.  I just played with some friends.

I don’t think about people around me on the bus at all.  I’m just looking at the window.  I ride the bus a lot.  Getting work and just getting everywhere.  Its my only transportation.  I don’t have a car.

Taihei Fukumoto, age 15, West Seattle  My day was good because I’m out of school now.  Now that I’m out of school. I just finished my freshman year in high school.  Its good I’m out of school because school is boring.  Today was good because I had a lot of stress off my shoulders and I can do what I want.

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